As a leading soft goods manufacturer of military and tactical gear, CustomFab USA services a lot of customers who want their products to have the patriotic label “Made in the USA”

We’ve heard all the reasons people have to produce a product domestically, but many times it’s as simple as good ol’ fashion pride in the red, white, and blue. It was in conjunction with this patriotic pulse that the Berry Amendment was passed in 1941, requiring the Department of Defense to only contract and use products with this label.

Our country was fighting in World War II and what better way to improve its economic health and ensure the safety of its forces than manufacturing its products right here at home?

The Berry Amendment, which later became a permanent fixture of the Department of Defense in 1994, has a large breadth, requiring the DOD to only use domestically produced foods, fabrics, clothes, hardware, gear, and textiles.

When you stop to think about it, this makes sense. Our military men and women who put their lives on the line deserve the best quality products and tools they can get. When our forces find themselves in a foreign land, something as simple as a tag that reads “Made in the USA” is a great reminder of the quality of life and freedom they are fighting for.

CustomFab USA has been manufacturing military spec gear for the military, law enforcement and first responders that meets the requirements of the Berry Amendment for 25+ years. Our list includes a wide variety of manufactured products such as IFAKs, plate carriers, chest rigs, backpacks, slings, shooting accessories, MOLLE compatible pouches, and cases that can transport ammunition, satellite systems, batteries, and radios.  

We use heavy-duty fabrics such as 1000D Cordura © that come in a range of designs and have a network of partners to source hard and soft materials that are Mil-Spec, RoHS and Berry Amendment compliant.

But to us, to have the Made in the USA label is more than a requirement, it’s a symbol of unity and support for the country that gave us the freedom to thrive.

Today on Veterans Day, if you know someone who has served we encourage you to share a great moment you recently experienced and recognize how that moment might not have been possible without the sacrifice they’ve made for our country and your freedom.

And to all those vets and service men and women who have dedicated their time and efforts to keep our country safe, CustomFab USA thanks you!