We all needle little help sometimes, so here's a few cut and sew resources that might lend a hand



We all needle little help sometimes, so here's a few cut and sew resources that might lend a hand

There’s a lot more to making a product than meets the eye. From finding the right fabrics and hardware to creating a prototype and putting labels on it — these informative sites are a great place to start: 

The Federal Trade Commission has information on labels. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has great business resources on safety guidelines.

If you’re weighing out the pros and cons of making something at home in America, check out The Reshoring institute, an educational site with the latest studies, insights and trends.


Making goods for the United States Department of Defense? Better make sure is produced domestically in the United States and is Berry Compliant. CustomFab USA has been Berry Amendment Compliant since 1990, when we began.

Proud Partners

CustomFab USA works closely with some of the industry's leading suppliers to provide you with cost effective solutions and the best materials.

ITW Nexus is one of the world's leading manufacturers of plastic hardware and buckles. The company invented the Side Release Buckle, works closely with the United States Military, and (like CustomFab USA) makes all of its products here, in America. 

Best known for making great zippers, YKK is a global leader producing fastening solutions renowned for performance and longevity.  Zippers, hook and loop, plastic buckles and notions, snaps and buttons, and webbing are just some of the stellar products YKK has been producing since 1934. 

CORDURA ™ fabric is known around the world for being durable, versatile, and reliable. Its fabrics are constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies and must pass stringent company test criteria before the company slaps their brand on it. Heavy-duty military gear, upholstery, outdoor gear, workwear, and luggage are some areas CORDURA ™ has built a name for itself as being one of the best. 

The Made in America Movement is a group of 440,000 like-minded Americans on a mission to fight for American businesses and the families that rely on them.

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