Made American 25+ Years

Made American 25+ Years


Made American 25+ Years

Made American 25+ Years


CustomFab USA is the contract sewing industry’s go-to white label soft goods manufacturer for some of the best known brands in the medical, military, sporting goods, and luggage industries.


Founded in 1990 by Don Alhanati in his garage with an ultrasonic welder and sewing machine, CustomFab USA began as a family owned business that worked tirelessly over the years to earn the trust of customers, growing the company into the industrial powerhouse that it is today —  employing a dedicated workforce of over 300 people.

As one of the nation’s lead sewing contractors, CustomFab USA now occupies a 77,000 square foot, lean manufacturing facility in southern California, which has a dedicated R&D team, a Quality Assurance program, and abundant manufacturing capabilities, producing over 2000 unique products every year.  

The mentality of catering to each customer’s individual needs is sewn into our roots and drives our success. We rose to the top of our industry by providing personal customer service that is unparalleled by larger companies while being able to reliably manufacture items for customers that need to meet strict industry standards and have next to zero defects. It’s no exaggeration when we say that people literally trust our products with their lives!

Want to learn more what we’re about? Seeing is believing so give us a call and schedule an appointment to come say hi at our fantastic fabricating factory!



High Quality

Our high quality standards are driven by our commitment to lean manufacturing and 5S manufacturing principles.



High Quality

Our high quality standards are driven by our commitment to lean manufacturing and 5S manufacturing principles.




77,000 square foot facility in California

Our Capabilities

Single Needle Lockstitch
Double Needle Lockstitch
Walking Foot
Programmable XY lockstitch
Cover Stitch
Bar Tack

Box X
Mauser Stitch
Cylinder Bed Lockstitch
Post Bed Lockstitch
Blind Stitch
Pad Printing
Screen Printing

Heat Transfer Labeling
Die Cutting
Roto Die Cutting
Hot Strip Cutting
Cold Strip Cutting
Ultrasonic Welding
Foam/Plastic Thermoforming 
Finished Packaging

Coming Soon

Laser Cutting        RF Welding        Direct Sublimation        Stitchless Seam Taping


Our Materials

A meal is only as good as its ingredients and a product is only as good at its materials.





At CustomFab USA, the quality and efficiency of your order is no accident, it’s a daily habit that’s stitched into the values of our company—it’s why we’ll ace your order, every time!



Delivering your order on time is important. Our cutting edge computers and ERP software are scrupulously being matched with our inventory to ensure order turn-around times are always on point.


We make it a practice to keep a clean and open area for inventory and colors, reducing the risk of damaging or contaminating materials.


By using the latest technology, software, material handling equipment and machines we strive to cut down on the time and cost of orders, passing the savings directly on to our customers.


The proper equipment, meetings, procedures and training all contribute to creating a safe work environment that is unhindered by negligence or accidents.




Tailor Your Solution

Tailor Your Solution