We use and stock thousands of different types of roll-goods fabrics.

  • Knits

  • Wovens

  • Non-skid

  • Foam Laminates (Like the padding inside a knee brace or motorcycle helmet)

    • Flame Laminate

    • Adhesive Laminate

  • Foam (Like the padding inside a backpack)

    • Open cell (Comes in rolls or sheets)

    • Closed cell

  • Vinyl  

  • Non-woven (Like scrubs)

  • Pack Cloth/Ripstop

    • Cordura ® (A high-performance nylon that is used to make durable products that are resistant to wear and tear)

    • Ballistic Nylon (Developed during WWII as a material for flak jackets until it was replaced by Kevlar;  this nylon weaves extruded strands and can be found on things like motorcycle jackets, watch straps and knife sheaths)

  • Mesh

  • Spacer Mesh

    • Air Mesh

    • Space Fabric

Other Materials