It’s like that time Captain America joined forces with Spider Man — The former, a patriotic force of good, the latter, a talented and agile upstart who is a master of producing webbed seams that stop crime in its tracks.



Ok, so maybe we don’t don shields and spandex, but the Made in America Movement and CustomFab USA are both committed to saving the country’s manufacturing jobs, which is why we’re proud to announce our new partnership together!

The Made in America Movement is an alliance of nearly half a million Americans that are on a mission to fight for American businesses and the people that rely on them. Uniting with some of the country’s top brands, stores and manufacturing facilities the Made in America Movement aims to help consumers become more conscious of where their products are made and leverage patriotic buying power to create change.

CustomFab USA is an industrial soft goods manufacturing facility that makes all of its products here, in the USA. As one of the leading sewing contractors in the United States with a workforce that is 300 strong, we rose to the top of our industry by producing items for customers that need to meet strict specifications and have next to zero defects — it’s no exaggeration when we say that people literally trust our products with their lives.

CustomFab USA looks forward to working with the Made in America Movement, strengthening its efforts to revitalize America’s manufacturing jobs, put more money back in American Made products, and produce goods that are superior in quality, durability and cost.

...You hear that?

Sounds like the explosive “WHAM!” of an epic superhero handshake.

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