As a white-label manufacturer, we often work in the shadows. This month’s Specialty Fabrics Review features our founder-in-chief Don Alhanati as he recounts some of the challenges the contract sewing industry faced, and how CustomFab USA overcame them to rise to the top.



Before we became known as one of America’s premier contract sewing manufacturers, we were a small startup that was hustling to change the industry.

A recent article by IFAI’s Speciality Fabrics Review featuring Don Alhanati, President and founder of CustomFab USA, highlights some of the secrets to our success and the mindset that helped us rise to the top.


The article “A commitment to growth: Don Alhanati uses automation and lean manufacturing to ensure market diversity and growth for CustomFab USA”, which was published Nov 1, does an excellent job covering our company’s history and how it’s been able to overcome unique challenges throughout the years.

It’s definitely worth a read if you’d like to gain some insight and knowledge on what it takes to be a leader in domestic manufacturing.