✩ What’s the average lead-time?

In general it’s somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks depending on material availability, product complexity and volume. Reorders usually take less time to complete than new orders.

✩ What are the minimum order quantities?

We get it, sometimes you don’t need a huge amount of merchandise--and that’s ok! Our minimum order numbers are flexible and based on the production cost of your item.

✩ Will my product be exactly like the prototype?

Yes. During product development we produce a “golden sample” which is used as a reference throughout the manufacturing process to ensure your final product matches the sample you approved.

✩ What sort of machines do we use?

We have a multitude of industrial capabilities and use over 350 machines, which allows us to manufacture almost any sewn product you could want.

✩ Do we stock materials?

We stock some frequently used fabrics and hardware, but generally materials are purchased to meet your order demands.

✩ Where do we get our materials?

We have a quarter century of partnerships with vendors of many different types of fabrics and hardware. We can provide domestic or imported materials depending upon your needs, as well as purchase from any of your specified sources.

✩ Do we have any of our own products for sale?

CustomFab USA is an OEM manufacturer and does not currently sell its own branded products.

✩ Where do we ship?

We ship worldwide using the parcel carrier of your choice.

✩ Do we offer payment terms?

We offer payment terms for clients with established credit references.

✩ Are we really 100% made in America?

You bet! While some sewing companies outsource different phases of their process to other countries (though still using the “Made in the USA” label) CustomFab USA prides itself on manufacturing and assembling all products in its California or Arizona locations.