500D Cordura MultiCam fabric.

You might’ve seen it...or maybe not. It’s meant to be camouflage, after all.



First unveiled in 2002, the MultiCam design eventually came to replace the traditional Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) during the 2010 War in Afghanistan. The difference between the two is that the MultiCam pattern is more pixelated and consists of seven colors compared with UCPs three. These differences make Multicam products seem to blend with greater agility to their surroundings.     

MultiCam v UCP-01.png




Due to the sublimated layout of its random camouflage pattern, MultiCam helps ensure that no two products made with the print are exactly the same, allowing for slight variations and uniqueness.

MultiCam comes in five styles, each with a unique pallet for a specific environment:


Used mostly in the field for combat and offers the widest range of environmental effectiveness.

MultiCam Arid

Suited for bright, open desert terrain, blending in well with sand or rock.

MultiCam Tropic

Suited for deep, verdant jungles, blending in well with dark trees and tropical foliage.

MultiCam Alpine

Suited for snow-covered areas, usually used on over-garments and gear where there are white, snowy conditions.

MultiCam Black

Suited for covert ops and law enforcement groups that want to have a sharp, authoritative and professional presence.

MultiCam Color Options.jpg


MultiCam and its different styles are mostly printed on a 500-denier nylon Cordura fabric, which is known for having one of the best strength to weight ratios.

The specs for 500D Cordura are:

  • Finished Weight – 7.1 oz/yd² approximately
  • Fiber Content – 100% Nylon
  • Construction – 46/35 (warp/fill)
  • Breaking Strength – 453/348 (warp/fill) (lbs, minimum)

The fabric is a highly textured nylon, which gives it a spun-like appearance, and makes it resistant to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew. Highly water repellent and quick drying, 500-D Cordura Multicam is ideal for tactical gear, rugged backpacks, reliant camera bags, and sporting good carry bags.

Some of our clients that make the most well know and durable soft goods products in the industry swear by the ability of this fabric, making it one of our favorites to create great things with.