As a large-scale industrial sewing contractor,
we produce thousands of unique products per year

From golf bags and tactical gear to life-saving orthopedic devices, and pet toys,
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When starting a new project there are a few common questions we tend to ask our customers. We’ve noticed that when a client comes prepared with some of the answers, it can save the step of an additional meeting and help the business process run much more smoothly. Here are the 5 essential questions it helps to know the answers to before a first meeting.

Contract Sewing 5 Questions



1.  Materials
2.  Machines
3.  Patterns
4.  Quantity
5.  Budget

  1. What materials does your product require?

    This is a great way to judge how far along in the design process someone might be. Sometimes clients seek our advice on what materials are best, but having a general grasp of this element will help give both of us a better idea of its true cost per unit and production time.
  2. Are there any special machines you know of required to manufacture your product?

    A lot of people don’t know the answer to this and that’s ok. We are the experts after all. However, if you’re aware of a specific machine used to make your product, chances are we either have it or, if not, might consider getting one as a welcome addition to our manufacturing capabilities.
  3. Assuming you haven’t worked with us to make a pattern for your product, do you have materials and patterns ready to send over for a quote?

    Being able to give customers a more accurate production time estimate depends on how far along they are in the R&D process. At CustomFab USA we have our in-house R&D team, consisting of some of the best cut and sew experts in the industry.
  4. What is your order quantity?

    Knowing how the size of an order will help us schedule and dedicate the right amount of space, time and sewing contractors on our manufacturing floor.
  5. What is your budget?

    Being real with each other is the best way to make sure both our expectations are achievable. Looking at a product spec or design we can usually tell pretty quickly if we’ll be able to get it within the target budget. Our automated sewing machines and skilled labor force are able to remain competitive with overseas pricing, with the added benefit of ease of communication and fewer headaches

It’s not unusual for costs to vary between sampling estimates and production, however keeping a clear line of communication about any design changes, project expectations, and any other variables that might arise is the best way to ensure we keep you satisfied with our work. CustomFab USA is located in Garden Grove, California, and a visit to our contract sewing factory is always a welcome way to make sure we’re on the same page.