“Be grateful!”

Unless you’re a turkey, it’s a mantra you’re likely to hear a lot this time of year. Rather than chime in with the chorus we’d like to share some of the surprising benefits that come with practicing gratitude, how to cultivate more of it, along with some examples of our own.

One study on gratitude conducted by Ph.D Robert A. Emmons of UC Davis and a colleague assigned three groups of participants to keep a journal.

The first group was tasked with describing five things they were grateful for every week. The second group was tasked with recording their daily hassles and displeasures, and the third was tasked with recording events that affected them without being positive or negative.  

Ten weeks later the results showed that the group which recorded gratitude was 25 percent happier than the hassle-group, had lower blood pressure, better sleep and logged 1.5 hours more of exercise.


In order to tap into this attitude of gratitude, we’ve uncovered a few simple techniques that can go a long way.

  1. A daily journal of 3 things you’re thankful for: If this has proven difficult for you in the past, have no fear, there are apps online that will help hold you accountable for this such as the 5-minute journal.
  2. A gratitude jar: Every year has its ups and downs, so why not keep track of all those ups by writing them on a scrap of paper and keeping them in a Gratitude Jar. Come New Years next December, you’ll have plenty of fond memories to relieve and maybe be even a bit more fit too!
  3. Think a positive thought while you grom yourself in the mirror: When you’re brushing your teeth, or combing your hair, take a moment to multitask and think of something about your life you’re grateful for. Be specific. Reflecting on your reflection is a great way to prime yourself for the day.

Keeping true to practicing what we preach, here are the top things we’re thankful for at CustomFab USA:

  • People: From our inspiring customers to our talented employees (some who have been working with us for more than 20 years), to our trustworthy partners in fabrics, hardware and Made in USA organizations — we can honestly say that this uplifting group of people has been the reason our contract sewing and manufacturing company has reached such great heights.
  • Being Made in the USA: Manufacturing all of our products here in the USA is more than a choice, it’s a vote of confidence in the greatness of our country, its government and humanitarian and fair working conditions. We’re grateful for the country that has allowed us to become one of the most successful domestic cut and sew producers of medical soft goods, tactical gear, sporting equipment and luggage.
  • Science and technology: From advancements in fabrics made by companies like Cordura ™  to mind-blowing advanced sewing technology like the Gerber Paragon Cutting Machine, our industry has made huge leaps into the future and we’re thankful for all the new opportunities and innovations that these discovers usher in.

What are three things you’re thankful for this year?

From all of us here at CustomFab USA — we wish you a fulfilling Thanksgiving!