Plates, Tools, Jigs & Platens

They go by a variety of names, the unique devices fabricated for machines to automate them for patterns and designs



Having an arsenal of the right tooling
is the secret ingredient to being a great manufacturer 

custom tooling plate.png

One of the reasons companies choose to work with us as their white-label sewing contractor is because purchasing the right machines to manufacture a product and spending thousands of dollars to create the right tooling for it can get expensive.

At CustomFab USA we’ve invested heavily in equipment and personnel to build tools and automation in-house. 

As a cut-and-sew manufacturer, we can’t reveal our proprietary tooling methods for obvious reasons, but what we can tell you is that being able to make custom plates to clamp to our programmable sewing machines overcomes design and automation restrictions.

It also means consistency. Our machines are able to get exactly the right measurements and stitches every time — and when your product has essentially zero defects, that means you’ve got happy customers.